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Game Server Rules
« on: August 10, 2015, 06:09:28 PM »
To avoid having trouble with the staff members, This following rules must be followed at all times. You must read this carefully and abide by it.

Game server rules are as follows:
  • Any cheats, hacks, duping and exploits are strictly forbidden. Bug abusing for self-benefit is considered an exploit. If caught, you will receive a permanent ban. If you find a bug, report it to staff by making a ticket or messaging it to the admin with detailed information about it.

  • Advertising of servers, accounts, or any paid services for real money is forbidden. Your account will be banned if caught.

  • Spamming any chat is forbidden and will be punished with a mute. Multiple offenses will lead to a ban.

  • Threatening a Player and/or the security of the Persons account, will result in a suspension. Multiple offenses will lead to a ban.

  • Disrespecting and swearing offensively at other players is forbidden. Punishment is a suspension.

  • Racism of any kind is forbidden. There is severe punishments for racist comments.

  • Names must be appropriate. When caught, you will be forced to change your name and may face a ban for a period of time.

  • Account sharing is strictly forbidden. This is for your security. Sharing accounts puts your account in jeopardy and hasstles the staff when stealing occurs. If caught, all accounts involved in the sharing will receive no support.

  • Trading Accounts and/or Items inside the game for Real Money/Items from other games and any other form of currency/services is prohibited. You will not get any support if you get in trouble in your deal. You will face possible account suspension and/or termination.

  • Scamming or attempting to scam is forbidden. When caught, you may face a permanent ban.

  • Impersonating staff is strictly forbidden. You will be banned permanently with no appeal.

  • Trolling, disrespecting staff, ranting about the server, etc. will result in a account suspension or permanent ban.

  • Do not complain about server lag in Civil Chat. It helps nobody and adds useless spam to the channel. If it lags, we will know about it and take care of it.
Also, there is such a thing as staff discretion, meaning if a staff member sees you doing something that they believe is wrong and the decision is backed by other staff, then they can still punish you for it despite it not being defined in a rule.
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