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How To Send Your Donation
« on: February 14, 2015, 04:11:24 PM »
How to send your donation

1. Determine what money transfer service you will use (7-Eleven Stores / Paypal / Western Union / LBC / Palawan / Cebuana)

For 7-Eleven transactions, You need to request the amount you want to send directly thru my facebook account ( and then ill give you the barcode that you will show the cashier to pay for the transaction.

For Paypal Transactions Send The Money To My Paypal Email:

For Other Money Transfer Service Use This Info To Send Money:

First Name : IVY
Last Name : OCAMPO
Location : Cavite , Philippines

2. Send The Following Info To My Facebook Profile via Private Message ( :

Senders Name : (The name you used to send the money)
Amount Sent :
Tracking Number : (Find it on the official receipt of the money transfer service)

3. Wait for my confirmation

4. Done! Thanks Alot For Your Generous Donation, It Will Help The Community!

For questions and concerns please message me @
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