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Hardcore Class Character Quest
« on: March 03, 2014, 09:52:14 PM »
By this time your Celestial God class character is level 400 and ready to step into a new level of experience.
By Doing this you will need to have all Requirements to create Ideal Stone(Hardcore)
1. Hunting all the Elixir in Uxmal. Items is Listed in the image below.

Elixir of Artemis

Elixir of Apollo

Elixir of Athena

Elixir of Persephone

If you completed all Elixirs you will need to combine it to create Ideal Stone(Hardcore)
Ideal Stone(Celestial) is Required for the composition as the image shown below.

There is no fail combination.
The Result is Ideal Stone Hard Core as shown in the image below.

Ideal Stone (Hardcore)

Disclaimer: Images Appear Above is not owned by WYD PILIPINAS and we dont claim any rights any of it.
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