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Ethereal Rebirth Guide
« on: April 25, 2014, 02:08:16 PM »
~ Character Rebirth ~

How does this work?
Everytime you rebirth your character it will add passive bonus stats like Absorb Damage or Piercing Damage. This can be helpful in PVP and PVE, Especially guild wars/siege. This will make PVP more intuitive in the long run.

-Ethereal Character Level 400 with "4 Billion Experience"
-Rebirth Stone (How To Create Rebirth Stone)


Character must equip Rebirth Stone in the mount slot then go to npc "Tyr" located in the Unknown Continent. If the process
is successful your character will be sent back to the character selection screen and the rebirth stone will be removed from your


Each Rebirth a character has adds the following and is stackable:
-Absorb Damage +50
-Piercing Damage +50

After the rebirth process your character will gain "Passive bonus stats" and a passive aura surrounding your character. You can see the passive bonus stats in the message/mail
window of your client by pressing "H" everytime you log ingame.

Ethereal Rebirth cap is 10 so once you have 10 rebirth you can no longer use this process.
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