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Etherium Siege
« on: February 10, 2021, 11:21:42 PM »

Etherium Siege will replace the old Noatun Siege every Sunday @ 18:00 GMT

Siege Mechanics:
  • Guilds can participate by going inside the noatun altar zone/siege zone killing towers/mobs and gathering Siege points to increase the main damage for taking down the Etherium Tower.

What is Siege points?
  • Siege points is acquired by killing/taking down mobs/towers inside the siege zone. Siege points will then be used to calculate the Guild Members damage to the Etherium Tower. Siege points of 1000 is equal to 1000 damage to the Etherium tower.

Types of Mobs:
  • Amon Vanguard - Gains 200 Siege points / drops Titan medal box [M], Silver Coin [10mil]
  • Siege Tower - Gains 1000 Siege points / drops Titan medal box [M], Silver Coin [10mil]
  • Etherium Tower (Main tower)

What happens after taking down the Etherium tower?
  • The player who takes down the Etherium tower will then be the designated Etherium conqueror and he/she will have 3 minutes to survive inside the altar zone in order to ultimately win the Etherium Siege.

What will the conqueror do within those 3 minutes?
  • When the 3 minutes timer starts, The Etherium conqueror's naid item will automatically be refined to +9
  • He/She needs to run/dodge and be protected by his/her guild mates during the 3 minute countdown

Etherium conqueror is disqualified when these conditions are triggered:
  • Etherium conqueror dies - The player who slays the current Conqueror will then replace him/her as the new Etherium conqueror. He/She will have a fresh 3 minutes to survive again
  • Etherium conqueror moves outside the altar zone, down the stair steps, teleporting outside or by disconnecting out of the game, A new Etherium Tower will then spawn in the altar, The newly spawned etherium tower will have much lower HP and whoever takes it down will be the new Etherium conqueror

Etherium conqueror will win the Etherium Siege when these conditions are met:
  • Etherium conqueror survives the 3 minute countdown, His/Her guild will win the Etherium Siege
  • 30 minute time limit for the Etherium Siege runs out, The current Etherium conqueror and his/her guild will win the Etherium Siege
  • If there is no Etherium conqueror is active but the 30 minute time limit expires, Noatun town will have no owners and the Etherium Siege event will end

Etherium conqueror rewards for winning the Etherium siege:
  • Titan Medal Box [A 12pcs] x2
  • Silver brick [100m]
  • Laktorerium Powder [30pcs]

Additional craftable items will be available in the future game updates. Keep collecting those crafting mats even if they have no use at the moment, Who knows maybe it will be a part of some epic recipe next update?. I will also add Cooking & Alchemy on future updates.

Don't forget to update your client to the latest version using the Wyd Pilipinas client patcher

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