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Town Conquest
« on: October 20, 2019, 09:17:54 AM »

What is Conquest Points?
  • Conquest points is a Guild's currency to challenge the town owners in the guild wars. It will replace the "Gold" used for bidding to participate in the weekly guild wars.

What are the types of Conquest Points?
  • Each guild will have 3 different conquest points:
    • Armia Conquest Point
    • Azran Conquest Point
    • Erion Conquest Point

How can my "Guild" acquire conquest points?
  • There will be Daily "Town Conquest" in which different guild can participate. Town owners will not be allowed to participate in the Town Conquest which they are occupying.

Schedule of daily Town Conquest:
  • Erion Town Conquest : Sunday to Friday @ 20:00 PH Time
  • Azran Town Conquest : Sunday to Friday @ 20:20 PH Time
  • Armia Town Conquest : Sunday to Friday @ 20:40 PH Time

How to go inside the Town Conquest?
  • Take the portal located in noatun as seen in the image below

Whats inside the Town Conquest?
  • Erion:
    • Erion Druid: 150 Conquest Points
    • Erion Hunter: 150 Conquest Points
    • Erion Mage: 150 Conquest Points
    • Erion Swordsman: 150 Conquest Points
    • Erion Chieftain: 500 Conquest Points
  • Azran:
    • Azran Druid: 150 Conquest Points
    • Azran Hunter: 150 Conquest Points
    • Azran Mage: 150 Conquest Points
    • Azran Swordsman: 150 Conquest Points
    • Azran Chieftain: 500 Conquest Points
  • Armia:
    • Armia Druid: 150 Conquest Points
    • Armia Hunter: 150 Conquest Points
    • Armia Mage: 150 Conquest Points
    • Armia Swordsman: 150 Conquest Points
    • Armia Chieftain: 500 Conquest Points

What will happen if we dont use our Conquest Points for bidding?
  • All unused Conquest Points will be deleted every saturday of the week. You need to use the conquest points the week you acquired it.

How can i check my guilds conquest points?
  • you can type /CHECKCP in the message box to check your guilds conquest points.
  • you can type /<Players Name> GEARINFO to check other player's guild conquest points.

How to bid for the weekly Guild war?
  • Bidding process will stay the same but "Gold/Ingame Money" will be replaced by "Conquest Points". After placing your bets in the Bidding Npc of the town you are challenging, All of your conquest points in that specific town will be used to bid. Highest bidder wins!

Additional craftable items will be available in the future game updates. Keep collecting those crafting mats even if they have no use at the moment, Who knows maybe it will be a part of some epic recipe next update?. I will also add Cooking & Alchemy on future updates.

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