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Game Update (#0325)
« on: May 25, 2019, 08:14:16 PM »

Update Changelog:
  • Etherium Earring Refinement System Added. Link Here
  • New map added - Titan Zone
  • Added Titan Medal I-V for upgrading Etherium Earrings.
  • Added Titan Medal Alchemy for upgrading Titan Medals. Link Here
  • Added Titan Medal Box[N][M][A] for drawing Random Titan Medals.
  • New Boss monster added "Abraxas" that spawns every hour in the middle of Titan Zone and drops Titan Medal Box[M].
  • New monster added "Archon" that spawns in the Titan Zone and drops Titan Medal I.
  • New Portal path added for teleporting inside the Titan Zone. The portal is located inside armia near Ability Master Npc.
  • Daily reward "Tital Medal Box[M]" will be given to Gold Membership subscribers. Link Here
  • Increased Transknight class physicaldamage on PvP by 150
  • Increased Foeme class physical damage on PvP by 250
  • Increased Beastmaster class physical damage on PvP by 200
  • Increased Hunter class physical damage on PvP by 100
  • Guildzone owners after logging in the game server will now spawn on the highest tier town they own.

Additional craftable items will be available in the future game updates. Keep collecting those crafting mats even if they have no use at the moment, Who knows maybe it will be a part of some epic recipe next update?. I will also add Cooking & Alchemy on future updates.

Don't forget to update your client to the latest version using the Wyd Pilipinas client patcher

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