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Team 2v2 PvP Event (Ethereal Class only)
« on: March 05, 2019, 06:25:41 AM »


Prepare yourselves for the exciting events and rewards. Gear up and sharpen your weapons to show everybody you are the best in the game!

[Ethereal Team 2 vs 2 PvP Event]

Schedule: March 16, 2018 @ 18:00 Game Time(6:00PM PH Time)

Each Team Member Will Receive The Following Prizes:

1st Place (Grand winner):
  • Soul Set +15 of their choice
  • Unique Weapon +15 of their choice
  • Draupnir +15
  • 3 Months Premium Gold Membership
2nd Place (Finals Match Loser)
  • Unique Weapon +15 of their choice
  • Draupnir +15
3rd Placer (Loser of the semi finals will fight for this 3rd place)
  • Draupnir +15
- The event will have best of 3 rounds of Team Ethereal Duo PVP event. The Team that will beat their opponent on their matchups will advance to the next match.
- The final 2 Teams will battle it out for a best of 5 rounds and whoever wins the series will be the Grand Winner of this event
- The Event is for Ethereal Class only.
- You cannot participate again if you already participated in the previous round with a different teammate.

Rules & Regulations:
- Only 1 Entry per person is allowed to join this event. That means you can't have multiple accounts on different teams. You are only allowed to enter 1 of your characters in this event (i will trace instances of same person logins).
- Isang tao lamang kada entry and papayagan na sumali sa palaro. Ibig sabihin nito ay hindi papayagan ang paggamit ng ibang character sa ibang kupunan at kailangan ay bukod tanging ang isang character mo lang ang iyong gagamitin sa palaro (aalin namin kapag gumamit ka ng iba pang character para sumali sa palarong ito)
- Use of multi client is prohibited (We will track your accounts after the game to make sure you did not violate this rule)
- Ang Pag-Gamit ng Multi Client ay hindi pinapahintulutan (aalamin namin kapag nilabag mo itong paalala na ito pagkatapos ng palaro)
- Using FM Heal/Ressurection skills are not allowed.
- No Set/Weapon/Accessories restriction.
- Use of Fairies such as Naiad/Imp/Grewpain/etc. is not allowed.
- Use of Costume is not allowed.
- All types of premium buffs are allowed.
- Any type of pots is allowed.
- Participants should hide their guild tags during the event.
- Any disrespect towards GM/CH conducting the event will lead to an account suspension.
- Any disrespect towards players and/or co-participants is strictly prohibited and lead to an account suspension and round will automatically be won by the opposing team.
- No trashtalking during the event
- Players must set their PK Mode off before and after each rounds.

Rule changes regarding how many rounds a team will fight to win a round is for the host of the event to decide. Host of the event has the discretion to disqualify or make a ruling regarding certain matters that will come up during the event.

The registrations will close on March 12, 2019 @ 11:59pm. Those who are able to send their registration after the deadline will not be allowed to join even if they have sent their entries. Only the first 16 registrations will be allowed to join due to time restrictions of the event host.

To Participate, You need to register in this link: Registration closed

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Admin's FB Account:
Official FB Fan Page:
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