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« on: March 04, 2014, 04:55:18 AM »
Racism is an act of Discrimination of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category. It involves the group's initial reaction or interaction, influencing the individual's actual behavior towards the group.

Racial discrimination includes attacks against age, disability, language, nationality, racial or ethnicity, religion, sex, gender and capability.

Please read this rules in full. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse violation of them.

1. In game Racial discrimination which is not allowed on WYD Pilipinas includes;

    Anything that promotes, recognized as, or alludes to symbols of racial. ethnicity, gender, nationality, life choice, religious, or political hatred or slurs.

    Offensive practical jokes concerning these rules.

    Anything that pertains or promotes symbols of excessively sexual or violent acts

    Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of minors in sexual situations.

    Anything that insults or demeans any aspect of any sexual orientation. If anything construed as pornographic.

2. Personal attacks and threats

    Anything that can be perceived as an attack against other individuals.
    Any language that can be perceived as an attack against other individuals.
    Any threats, veiled or otherwise, made against yourself, and other individuals.

3. Inappropriate Obscenity, Vulgarity and Profanity and attacks against disability.

    Anything construed as referring to human anatomy, mental development or bodily functions inappropriately.
    Anything construed as excessively crude or offensive.

4. Harassment and Defamatory Statements

    Anything construed as referring to other individuals using any disallowed content or behavior.


Any player found to be violating any of these rules may:

- Be given a warning - Be given a final warning where any further violations may result in account suspension/termination.

    1st Offense - 3 Days Account Suspension
    2nd Offense - 1 week Account Suspension
    3rd Offense 1 Month to Permanent Account Lockup

List of rules will be updates as necessary.
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