Author Topic: Ethereal Class (Team Duo PvP Event) - December 21, 2018  (Read 1275 times)


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Ethereal Class (Team Duo PvP Event) - December 21, 2018
« on: December 13, 2018, 07:38:44 AM »
                                             DECEMBER EVENT IS ON FIRE!         

Prepare yourselves for the exciting events and rewards.
Gear up and sharpen your weapons to show everybody you are the best in the game!

[Ethereal Team 2 vs 2 PvP]

Schedule: December 21, 2018 @ 21:00GT(09:00PM PH Time)

- 1st place will receive Unique Items +15 and Level 120 Le 120 Svad/Sleip of their choice (1 for each member)
- 2nd place will receive Unique +15 or Premium Mount Lv120 Svad/Sleip of their choice (1 for each member)
- 3rd place will receive Last Weapon +15  of their choice (1 for each member)

- The event will have 1 round of Team Ethereal 2 vs 2 PVP event. The Team that will beat their oopenent on that round will advance in the next round.
- The final 2 Teams will battle it out for a best of 3 rounds and whoever wins the series will be the grand winner of this event
- The Event is for Ethereal Class only.
- You cannot participate again if you already participated in the previous round with a different teammate.

Rules & Regulations:
- NO Set/Weapon/Accessories restriction.
- Use of Fairies such as Naiad/Imp/Grewpain/etc. is not allowed.
- Use of Costume is not allowed.
- All types of premium buffs are allowed.
- Any type of pots is allowed.
- Participants should hide their guild tags during the event.
- Any disrespect towards CH conducting the event will lead to a direct block of account.
- Any disrespect towards players and/or co-participants is strictly prohibited and will lead to the direct block of the main account(s).
- NO TRASH TALK during the event!
- The Team that will beat all the opponents in each round will win the event.

To Participate, You need to register in this link: Registration is now closed

Daily Events!
Kephra's Sealing 5:30GT(5:30AM PH Time)
Noatun's Carnage [Candu Boss] 19:00GT(07:00PM PH Time)
Mind Clash Event 12:00GT & 20:00GT(12:00NN & 08:00PM PH Time)

Admin's FB Account:
Official FB Fan Page:

Merry Christmas to all of you and on behalf of Admin KiKoKi, Karen you & Kaubo, thank you so much for your continued support to WYD PILIPINAS.

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