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God Class 355 Quest
« on: December 10, 2018, 02:36:59 AM »

Before doing this following quest, You need to get a Kingdom first (red/blue) talk to the king and bring the required sapphires to join the kingdom. After that, you can now continue doing this quests.

1st Quest
  • When you achieve quest ,80 MP Increase
  • Name: Elime Crystal
  • Monster: CerishLich

2nd Quest
  • When you achieve quest, 30 AC Increase
  • Name: Sylphid Crystal
  • Monster: DarkLich

3rd Quest
  • When you achieve quest, 80 HP Increase
  • Name: Salion Crystal
  • Monster: CerishLich

4th Quest
  • When you achieve quest, 60 MP, 60 HP, 20 AC Increase
  • Name: Nohas Crystal
  • Monster: DarkLich

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