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Character Guide [God Class]
« on: May 13, 2018, 06:32:35 AM »

Character Guide [God Class]
  • By this time your Mortal class character is level 400 and ready to step into a new level of experience. Unfortunately, your mortal body cannot contain the power surging from within. Its time to break your shell. Refine thine self and emerge as a higher entity. Welcome to the world of the gods, Introducing the God Class.
    Before going through, you'll need to have all Requirements to create Sephirote Stone.

  • Bring all this to Skill Master Located Around Armia.
    NPC Name
    Knights General * For TransKnight
    Elder Foema * For Foema
    Master Archie * For BeastMaster
    ForeLearner * For Hunter

    Note: You can Change Class from your orignal skills to another Skills
    Skill  Cross Class
    Transknight > Transknight (No Cross Class)
    Transknight > Foema
    Transknight > BeastsMaster
    Transknight > Hunter

    Foema > Foema (No Cross Class)
    Foema > Transknight
    Foema > BeastMaster
    Foema > Hunter

    Beastmaster  > Beast Master (No Cross Class)
    Beastmaster > Transknight
    BeastMaster > Foema
    Beastmaster > Hunter

    Hunter > Hunter (No Cross Class)
    Hunter > Transknight
    Hunter > Foema
    HUnter > Beastmaster

    If you do the Cross Class Speak to the assigned NPC for its class.

Elder Foema [Foema Cross Class NPC]

Knight General [TransKnight Cross Class NPC]

Master Archie [BeastMaster Cross Class NPC]
ForeLearner [Hunter Cross Class NPC]

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