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Crafting Snow Fairy
« on: December 29, 2017, 02:06:11 AM »

Brokkr the Blacksmith has opened his shop in armia. He can forge divine relics and powerful weapons using the artifacts left during the battle of ethereals. Find them and craft the most powerful items with the help of Brokkr. Vast "Treasures" awaits you, Collect all the artifacts and forge the powerful Etherium Circlet!

How to find Relics & Crafting Materials?
  • You can find them by entering various Battle Dungeons, They are hidden inside the ancient treasure chest's dropped by the arcane guards of each dungeon.

Snow Fairy - 1 Day [Crafting Recipe]:
  • Hat x5 - 1st to 5th slot
  • Carrot x5
  • Snowball x5
  • Twig x5
  • Straw x5
  • 50 Million Gold

Snow Fairy Stats:
  • Drop Rate +32%
  • Experience Rate +16%
  • Strength +500
  • Intelligence +500

Snow Fairy has a 1 day duration period, It will only decrease its duration when a player is wearing it inside the game.

More Crafting recipes will be added on future updates, I'm currently working on Cooking/Alchemy system to improve game
experience. If you have any suggestions, just send me a message.

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