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Game Update (#0311)
« on: April 26, 2017, 03:31:03 PM »

Wyd Pilipinas Game Update (#311)

This update is rather small and minor for end-game players. Class balancing, Character Gear checking and Guild war changes are some
of the main highlights of this update.

We are moving forward to a less buggy server, So please support this update and let us help each other to improve this further.

Update Changelog:
  • Guild War (Erion) will only accept mortal class characters with this update
  • Added New Zone "Battle Dungeon" - Huge EXP gain (Battle Dungeon[N] is currently the only available type for now)
  • Gear Checking - Use /<Name of character> GEARINFO (You will receive a message of the players gear info)
  • NPC Garth will be removed (All drops will be on Battle Dungeon)
  • Magic Class(FM/BM) balancing
  • Damage Class(TK/FM/BM) balancing
  • Chaos Reset Scroll price increase
  • Water scroll experiece gain increased by 350%

Gear checking feature is a very nice addition for this server going forward and having a better community. By having this command, individual
players will have the ability to monitor each other and prevent unauthorized items inside the game. Anyone who is caught having the said items will be
suspended and the case will be reviewed for additional infractions. I urge everyone to be vigilant and report the item/player with accompanying "Screenshots".

Please don't forget to download the Manual Patch:
Download Manual Patch

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